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Choosing and buying a house is a complex and time consuming process and most likely is the biggest purchase in your life. Therefore, is vital to make the right decision when comes to choosing your dream property.

A building survey will offer you the right information so you can make an informed decision. A chartered surveyor will create a property condition report which will give you useful insights and will save you time and money.

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What Is A Chartered Surveyor?

A Chartered Surveyor is a professional which job is to assess the structural integrity, quality of build and even to value a property. Probably, you heard this before, but what they actually do? What do you need to know when you are choosing one? When do you need a Chartered Surveyor?

How can you Find a Great Surveyor?

One of the biggest expenses in life is buying a house. The importance of getting a survey can not be understated, will provide you useful insights regarding the state of the property, highlight any potential issues and can save you money further down the line if you need to carry any works and repairs. So, how can you find a good building surveyor?

HomeBuyer Report Vs Building Survey

Learn the main difference between a HomeBuyer Report and a Building Survey, is it worth getting a HomeBuyers Survey or should you opt for a more comprehensive one, the Building Survey? These are just some of the questions we are going to answer with our HomeBuyer Report vs Building Survey Guide

Top 7 Questions to Ask a Surveyor

If you are looking to buy or selling a property, it’s important to find a reliable professional who can help you discover any building issues that can affect the overall value of it. There is where a chartered surveyor comes in, but there are a variety of questions to ask a surveyor, before and after a survey, to ensure you understand the results.

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The Difference Between Dry Rot and Wet Rot

The Difference Between Dry Rot and Wet Rot What’s the difference between dry rot and wet rot?” This is one of the most asked questions when someone hears about this issue. Both are wood destroying fungi and there are certain tell-tale signs you can look...

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what is a property valuation. faqs answered showing a bedroom

What is a Property Valuation? FAQs answered

What is a Property Valuation? FAQs Answered There are many reasons you might need a property valuation, especially when selling or buying property. Here we explain what a property valuation is, who carries it out, why you might need one, how long a house valuation...

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ground heave banner showing soil cracking

Ground heave. Causes and Prevention

Ground heave. How to prevent it and Solutions. Heave is a phenomena that occurs when the soil beneath a structure expands and pushes the ground upward, which can harm a building’s structural integrity. Subsidence, in which the ground sinks, is the reverse of ground heave. This...

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how to negotiate price after survey banner showing a women renegotiating through open discussion

How To Negotiate House Price After Survey

How to Negotiate House Price after Survey In an ideal world, all house purchases go well and surveys reports reveal no problems. Unfortunately, survey results are not always non problematic, and purchasers may face a logistical headache if they discover deficiencies or defects, such as...

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survey cost banner showing a jar of coins

New Build Snagging Survey Price

What is the Price for a New Build Snagging Survey? A snagging survey’s purpose is to identify defects in a property and get them corrected. Normally, this type of survey is associated with new build properties. However, what is a new-build snagging survey price and...

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snag list template banner showing a to do list

Snag List Template

Snag List Template. Our Free Snagging List When purchasing a new property you will be asked by the developer to undertake a handover inspection of the property before or immediately after the completion. At Trusted Surveyors, we cherish your time and want to bring value...

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