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When purchasing a new property you will be asked by the developer to undertake a handover inspection of the property before or immediately after the completion. At Trusted Surveyors, we cherish your time and want to bring value for your money at any time. Here is a sample snagging checklist to help you know what to look for.

Please feel free to use this basic free snagging template to collate your findings and send it to your builder. This is only a basic guide for customers to check on their own a new build property.

Keep in mind that each surveyor or snagging company can have its own free template and our own should be used as guidance only. We highly recommend getting professional advice and guidance, especially if you have no construction background or knowledge. 

If you want to read why you need a new build survey or what snagging is, please feel free to use our free advice hubs or click on the links above.

If you decide to do it yourself and check for snags your new property, here are some questions you should consider for the inspection:

Have all builders’ materials and rubbish been removed from the home and garden?
Is the home and garden clean and tidy?

Is the plasterwork smooth and neatly finished around sockets, switches, pipes, etc.?
Are plasterboard joints and nail fixings invisible?
Is the decoration throughout the home complete and to a consistently acceptable standard?

Are you happy that the timber floors don’t creak excessively?
Has sheet flooring been laid level and is it free of bubbling or unevenness beneath the covering
that might cause premature failure?
Is floor tiling fully adhered (i.e. sounding hollow if tapped) and fully grouted?

Wall tiling
Is wall tiling fully adhered (i.e. sounding hollow if tapped) and fully grouted?
Has a flexible sealant been provided at corners and junctions with shower trays, baths, basins
and kitchen units?

Kitchens and bathrooms
Are all kitchen units and appliances clean and undamaged?
Are all the sanitary fittings clean and undamaged?
Is the water flow to taps, showers and appliances satisfactory?
Are any leaks evident beneath sinks, sanitary-ware and appliances?
Check waste pipes for leaks also.
Do all doors and drawers to kitchen units operate correctly?
Are extractor fans fitted and operating?

Windows and doors
Are keys supplied for all window and door locks?
Do all locks and handles work and operate freely?
Do all windows and doors open and shut properly and engage with the weather seals?
Do self-closing devices, where fitted, fully close the doors after opening?
Is all glazing crack-free?
Are double-glazed units free of condensation between the panes?

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Heating and electrical
Do all light fittings and socket outlets work?
Are radiators securely fixed and free of leaks?
Is exposed horizontal and vertical pipe-work adequately supported? Are the joints leak-free?

Are all electrical sockets uniform in appearance?
Are all electrical sockets at the correct height and level with one another?
Are all electrical sockets fitted level?

Is the loft space fully insulated?
Is boarding provided to give access to tanks etc.?

Are external decorations complete and to a consistently acceptable standard?

Fences and gates
Are all fences and gates complete?
Are timber or steel parts protected?

Paths and drives
Are all paths and drives complete and laid to an even finish?

Do gutters and downpipes appear securely fixed and complete?
Are they leak-free during rainfall?
Are gullies and inspection chambers free of debris?

Roof coverings
Do any tiles or slates appear cracked or loose?
Are all lead flashings complete and secure?

The above checklist should serve as a guide and is by no means complete. The defects listed here are some of the main snags found in new builds, but that doesn’t mean others won’t be present in your new home. Source: LABC.

Here is our own free snagging list template for interiors, which you can download with a simple click without providing any email or contact details. 


If you are in any doubt about your capability of conducting an adequate snagging survey, you should seriously consider hiring a professional snagging company to carry it out for you.

Always look for highly qualified building professionals as they will have the right experience and use specialist equipment to investigate issues out of sight. Also, they will use terminology that your builder will understand just from their comprehensive report. 

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10th Jul 2022 (Last updated on 10th May 2023)
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