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After months of house hunting and window shopping, you finally found the home that works for your budget and needs. Congratulations! For most people, becoming a homeowner is one of the biggest achievements for their family life. It’s also one of the largest financial investments anyone will ever make.

For this reason, it’s especially important for new homeowners to start off on the right foot – have the right information and advice on your side. From finding a reliable professional to help you with Party Wall disputes, or Building Regulations issues to home improvements advice, Trusted Surveyors’ homeowner advice hub should be your first place into resolving any issues.

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Our Top 8 Tips For Adding Value To Your Home.

Wondering how to add value to your home? Sometimes significant improvements are expensive, but it’s vital to consider how your plans will actually add value to your house. Read our guide on how and when you can add value throughout your property.

Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

A home maintenance schedule is as important as your annual health checks because being proactive would make your life easier. Continuing to check on your appliances, heating, plumbing, services, exterior and electrics would save you money and keep your home at best.

What Are Building Regulations And Why Are They Needed?

Building regulations are part of any construction, either is just an expension or a brand new dwelling. Building regs are created to ensure a minimum standard for any carried work on a property or land making sure the place will be habitable.

What is Planning Permission and When You will Need it

Most likely, during your lifetime, you will need to do an extension, alteration to an existing property or maybe you want to change the use of a building or land. So, is important to understand if you need planning permission or not before you start any work.

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fire safety banner

Fire Safety in UK Residential Properties

Fire Safety in UK Residential Properties: Regulations, Responsibilities & Prevention Fire safety in residential properties is of the utmost importance in the United Kingdom. The government has implemented strict regulations to ensure that homes are safe from the potential dangers of fire. In this...

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what can you do to a grade 2 listed building banner showing an old 1840 house

What Can You Do To A Grade 2 Listed Building

What can You do to a Grade 2 Listed Building? When comes to a Grade II listed building, you’re faced with a decision: do you accept the added responsibility of conserving a small piece of history, or do you reject the acquisition because making...

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owining a listed building banner showing Alexandra Palace in London

Owning a Listed Building Guide

A Guide to Owning a Listed Building If you are considering purchasing a listed building, or you may already own one is important to understand any obligations and responsibilities that come with owning a listed building. This guide was created for owners to understand...

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do i need building regulations banner showing a dwelling construction

What are Building Regulations?

What are Building Regulations and Why are They needed? Building regulations set the standards and quality for the design and construction of a building ensuring the health and safety of their future occupants. Even the most straighforward projects will require to comply with different...

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energy savings tip banner showing high electricity towers

Top 10 Energy Savings Tips

Our Top 10 Energy Savings Tips Either you are a homeowner or a tenant, when comes to cutting costs we aim for same goals. Also, with the latest developments within energy industry and the world’s diminishing resources, we should consider changing our daily behaviours....

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planning permission banner showing a house drawing

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Do I need Planning Permission? Most likely, during your lifetime, you will need to do an extension, alteration to an existing property or maybe you want to change the use of a building or land. So, is important to understand if you need planning...

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