How to find a surveyor and Choose a Great One?

One of the biggest expenses in life is buying a house. The importance of getting a survey can not be understated, will provide you useful insights regarding the state of the property, highlight any potential issues and can save you money further down the line if you need to carry any works and repairs. So, how can you find a good building surveyor?

Assuming that you know what type of survey you need and you are aware of the value of a building survey can have for your price negotiation and to uncover any potential unpleasant surprises, you will need to make a decision and choose a surveyor for your property. 

We help you compare surveyor quotes based on who is in your area and any given information you provide us, but how will you make the decision of choosing one?

Here are some aspects you should consider:

  •  Accreditation – We highly recommend to always look for a chartered surveyor that is regulated by RICS because the Royal Institution has high standards and requirements in place which need to be met before they can get the chartered status. (We list only surveyors with a chartered status).
  • Recommendations & Reviews – Other people opinions and feedback is the best tool to use when comes to distinguish between two service providers or items. You should always look for the most recent reviews, overall score and if are any lower scored ones you should  look what was the reason for them.
  • Price – You should always compare costs in order to get the best price for the job. A lower price is not always a great thing. Sometimes hidden fees are attached to an initial lower price or actual a poor service is provided. On the other end, if a company is offering a high price, they could be ripping you off.

For your safety and peace of mind, when you are looking to buy a house you should budget in a visit from a reliable and verified surveyor to help you with your property purchase.

Here is a list of methods to find a great Chartered Surveyor:

  • Comparison Sites – Using a comparison website to find any type of service, in this case, a registered surveyor, is one of the best options at your disposal. Saves you time and is stress free. You will receive a couple of quotes from your desired professionals and you will choose the one you want without obligations and free of charge.
  • Local Companies and Professionals – Is always a good idea to pick an independent, local professional because you will get the best value for your money. They will have the local area knowledge and picking an independent registered professional will provide you a custom and personalized service. However, start getting quotes and calling up all your local companies or professional is time consuming and can be proven to be unattractive. 
  • Specialist Services – In some cases, you will need a more niche specialist, for example you will need an experience listed building surveyor, or a party wall specialist. Normally, a surveyor will offer a wide range of services and even are accredited on specific niches, like a historic building surveyor.

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A Chartered Surveyor is a surveyor which is regulated by RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) – the official body that monitors and inputs the standards in the surveying industry. 

So, having a RICS Chartered Surveyor will mean that you will get a high-standard service carried by a qualified and experienced professional which is fully insured and required to respect the “RICS Rules of Conduct“.

In the process of buying a house, we highlighted that the best time to hire a great surveyor is when you found a property and put forward an offer. Is the best time to do it because you will have enough time to react in case the survey will uncover any issues with your dream home (office or shop). 

Depending on the type of property you are buying, you will have the option of different surveys, such as:

  • If the property is a brand new building – You will need a Snagging Survey.
  • If the property you intend to buy is conventional and fairly new – You will need a Condition Report, a more basic service focused on any key areas of significant concern;
  • If the property is less than 50 years old – You will need probably a HomeBuyer Survey, the most common and detailed enough to offer great insight on property condition and issues.
  • If the property is older than 50 years old or is non-conventional – You will need a Building Survey, the most complete and comprehensive survey available, suitable to listed building or if you plan to have any major works done.

The certain factors you should consider when choosing a surveyor are given by your requirements, situation and the type of property you are buying. So, your chosen surveyor should be regulated by RICS, fully insured, have good reviews and have a fairly reasonable price – you should expect to get what you are paying for – a competent professional, knowledgeable on your local area and to be able to carry your required survey.

We, at will provide you with quotes from local, independent and highly trained professionals within a reasonable price range. 

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18th Dec 2019 (Last updated on 6th Mar 2023)
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