What is the Price for a New Build Snagging Survey?

A snagging survey’s purpose is to identify defects in a property and get them corrected. Normally, this type of survey is associated with new build properties. However, what is a new-build snagging survey price and is worth it?

A snagging survey is associated with new build properties and you instruct your new-build snagging survey once your developer serves you with a notice that the property is built or in the first 2 years of the warranty.

Snagging survey for a new build have become popular lately due to the rise in demand for buying newly-built dwellings off-plan – meaning they were not even built when the buyer initially started the buying process with the developer  – the buyers are exposed more than ever to snags.

If you want to read why you need a new build survey or what snagging is, please feel free to use our free advice hub or click on the links above.

You are instructing a surveyor to carry out a new build snagging survey to ensure that the new build property matches the plans and specifications which the developer promised and is generally finished to a high standard.

Given the amount of money a property costs, paying a couple of hundreds for a professional opinion should be a no brainer. 

An experienced RICS surveyor will be able to compile a list of snags for your developer to rectify. You rely on surveyors experience to pick out faults which can be subtle and easily missed.

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UK new homes are excluded from the majority of consumer protection legislation, such as the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 or The Consumer Rights Act 2015.

As we know, for most goods, a buyer would normally be able to refuse or return an item in 14 days and the seller has the obligation to put it right in the same period of time. Also a buyer you have the right to use another contractor if the original developer were unable to do this.

However, the warranty providers, such as NHBC, insist that the developers be given 8 weeks to solve defects. This aspect is similar to buying and selling property’s guiding principle of “let the buyer beware”. 

Therefore, as a new build buyer you have an additional reason to hire a chartered surveyor to carry out a survey for you. 

There are two scenarios where a new-build snagging survey can be carried out:

  1.  Pre-completion: You hire an accredited surveyor to examine the property pre-completion. If any major faults are discovered, you can negotiate with the developer before you hand over your payment.
  2. Post-completion: Once you have moved in, you should get this type of survey in the first 2 years after buying the property and within the warranty period.

The cost is less than for a HomeBuyer Survey or a Building Survey as it will concentrate on build quality and whether the property has been completed to a reasonable standard and will not concentrate on wear-and-tear defects.

The price list for a Snagging survey will depend on the property size and its location.

Here are some guide prices by size for a new-build snagging survey:

  • 1 or 2 bedroom apartment – from £250
  • 1 or 2 bedroom house – from £350
  • 3 bedrooms – £450
  • 4 bedrooms – £500
  • 5 bedrooms – £550
  • 6 bedrooms – £600

After the initial new-build snagging report, companies offer a re-inspection service to check if the remedial work has been carried out properly. The prices for a re-inspection on a new build snag list start from £200.

  • Should I pay for a snagging survey?

Yes. Ideally, you should get a snagging survey, either is pre-completion or post-completion. The survey’s purpose is to reveal any issues with the property and make sure they are fixed before the warranty period is finished. 

  • When should you get a snagging survey done?

Ideally, you should get a snagging survey before you exchange contracts with the developer and you move into your new home.

  • Can you do a snagging survey yourself?

Yes, you can do a snagging survey, especially if you have some knowledge about buildings and construction. However, would be things which you can miss and you are not familiar with, for example the compliance with most up-to-date Building Regulations.

  • What is a professional snagger?

A professional snagger has the knowledge and the responsibility to his customer to provide a comprehensive and professional defect report of their newly built home, identifying snags (defects) and can raise any non-compliance to the current building regulations and standards.

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10th May 2023 (Last updated on 11th Jul 2022)
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