Level 1 Survey (Condition Surveys)

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A RICS Condition Survey is the most basic RICS report, a “Level 1” inspection which will provide a general overview of a building’s condition and usually is suitable for really new properties, less than five years old. Read the full benefits below.

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Why use trustedsurveyors.org.uk to find a Chartered Building Surveyor?

A RICS Condition Survey or now known as RICS Level 1 Survey is used by buyers to give them an overview of a property’s condition and usually the Chartered Surveyor will provide information about the construction of the building, highlight any obvious defects uncovered by the non-invasive inspection.

A RICS Condition Report is considered to be the least detailed level of survey, a “Level 1” inspection and provides a general overview of building’s condition. The RICS surveyor will carry out a non-invasive inspection outside and inside the property, including the boundaries.

This level of survey does not require the surveyor to disturb the building decor, such as floor coverings or furniture or no specific inspection will be address to the services. The report is shorter than a RICS HomeBuyer Report, but it gives you more information than a mortgage lender’s valuation report.

What is included in RICS Condition Report?

A  RICS Condition Report will include: 

  • a non invasive inspection of indoor and outdoor of the building, showing any obvious  surface level problems that may require varying degree of attention, but no furniture or feature removing will be involved for this inspection;
  • a summary of risks to the condition of the building presented in a standardized report using a similar “traffic light” condition grade as HomeBuyer Report;
  • a Condition Report will NOT include advice or recommendations for repair, or the likely costs of fixing different items;
  • a RICS Condition Survey does NOT include a valuation.

When is a Condition Survey suitable?

RICS Condition Report has the purpose to highlight any potential issues on new-build houses or apartments, less than 5 years old and where the structure appears to be in a good condition, with no apparent defects and with a traceable maintenance record.

A Condition Survey it is not suitable for building with noticeable issues or structures which have been renovated or modified or where non-traditional materials or unconventional methods of building were used.

If you are uncertain, is better to consult our guide on which survey to pick or to contact us for further advice.

How much Does a RICS Condition Survey Costs?

A RICS Condition Survey is the cheapest type of survey and it’s cost is estimated to start from £250 depending on the property size, value and condition. Get an instant, free, no obligation quote from your local, independent, Chartered Surveyor with our Free Estimate form in under 2 minutes.

How long does a Condition Report Survey Takes?

Compared to a HomeBuyer Survey, which in same cases, can take up to couple of hours, a Condition Survey will usually take between 75 minutes and 150 minutes to complete. Of course, it depends on property size and condition.

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