About Trusted Surveyors

trustedsurveyors.org.uk was just launched in 2019, but our aim is to become one of the UK’s leading providers of property surveys, home buyer reports, snagging lists, professional advice and one stop guides centre for your home buying/selling process.

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Affordable, Expert and Local Accredited Professionals

Our aim it is simple – to save you money and time by making it quick and easy to get competitively priced quotes for home surveys anywhere in the South of England, respectively United Kingdom.

Our site was born as a result of a frustrating house move & choosing the right surveyor. Picking the right type of survey for your dream house or flat isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. 

There is still a fair amount of confusion when comes to choosing the right type of survey, when you should ask for one and what you should expect throughout the buying a house process.

Therefore, we aim to provide everyone with access to free advice and quotes from your local, independent and affordable professionals. We are focused and determined to continue leading the industry forward without compromising service quality.

Our Core Values

We are a small team with a shared passion to help people save time and money throughout the buying, selling a property process by providing free, no obligation quotes from their local, independent, affordable professionals, such as RICS chartered building surveyors.

Qualified Expert

Registered Chartered Surveyors are using a worldwide standard

Extensive advice

RICS surveyors will provide a clear ad easy to understand report

Fast Turnaround

Building surveyors are knowledgeable and experienced

Save Money

Get a local, independent RICS Charted Surveyor within your price range

RICS was established in 1868.

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