Our Top 10 Energy Savings Tips

Either you are a homeowner or a tenant, when comes to cutting costs we aim for same goals. Also, with the latest developments within energy industry and the world’s diminishing resources, we should consider changing our daily behaviours. We can be sustainable and save money by simply cutting our energy consumption. Here are our top energy savings tips.

With this guide, we hope to give you the right tools and tactics into saving your energy and cut down your monthly gas and electricity bills. We have included estimated figures from the Energy Saving Trust to illustrate the potential energy savings that you could make.

Probably, the first step you can do is to make sure in the future you opt for energy efficient appliances. We would not recommend throwing away the old ones and just go and buy new ones. It is just to strongly consider, when you need to swap them, an A+, A++ or A+++ appliance.

For example, an A+++ washing machine will use £50 less energy than an A+ in a 10 years lifespan. An modern fridge freezer (A+++) will save you around £300 in energy bills over its lifetime compared to a A+ model.

If you do not need the applicane, instead of keeping it on standby, just turn it off. By turning it off, you can save more than £25 per year. A good idea, is to use plug sockets with timer or with WiFI controller, to turned off any appliances when you do not need them. 

With the latest technological advancements and the WiFi technology becoming more accessible and cheaper, we can have a smart device within our home. In this category, comes the smar thermostat, which gives you the ablility to  use your heating more efficient. 

You can control your home heating with a smart thermostat through your Wifi and phone, by creating a schedule for when the heating should be on and on which rooms. 

Yearly, you could save around £70 (probably now more given that the energy costs increased) by using room thermostats, programmers and thermostatic radiator valves – a smart heating system will need these.

In an average household, most than half your energy bill is directed by heating and hot water costs.

Did you know, that by decrease your room temperature setting by just one degree could save you up to £100 a year?

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Washing your clothes at 30C degree rathan than 40 or 50C will help you save energy, and by reducing the number of cycles you could actually save up to £10 on your annual energy bill.

Most of older houses would use old heating systems, such as oil burning boliers. By upgrading your old boiler to a new A+ rated condensing boiler and a smart thermostat system you could save more than £250 per year (Source: The Independent)

Probably the most new homeowners invest in new windows and front doors when they move in to make sure they home is proper “insulated” from cold and you do not leak your precious heating.

Did you know that you could save yearly as much as £120 by upgrading your old windows to an A-rated double glazing?

If new doors or windows are not scheduled in, you definently should look at draught proofing the old ones. Seal cracks in floors and skirting boards, line letterboxes and block unused chimneys should be something to consider in order to reduce your annual energy bills.

Insulating your roof or wall will stop heating leaks and will make your home more energy efficient. However, keep in mind the costs and also the method you will opt in for.

Some of latest advertised solutions can bring more damage to the property than actual long term benefits – a controversial topic is the roof foam insulation system. 

Another tip is to try to monitor your daily habits and consumption and to become more aware of your usage. A good way to keep track of your consumption is to get a smart meter which will provide you accurate energy consumption behaviours. 

In most cases, by just re-adjusting slightly your daily habits, you will save energy. A good example is regarding your lights usage within your home. Turning off the light when you just leaving the room for couple of minutes can save you significant kWh from your electricity bill.

If is not already somethign you looked into it, especially with the latest energy price increases, you should always look for other providers offering cheaper tariffs.

You can always find deals on comparison platforms which will use your input, such as yearly consumaption estimates to calculate price differences between two or more providers. 

We hope that our Top Energy Savings Tips guide will help you keep you on top of things and help you save energy, respectively money. If you are not sure about your options, especially when comes to insulation or home modifications, consult a professional for advice.

Written by Danil P.
23th Sep 2021 (Last updated on 30th May 2022)
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