Our Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

Are you a homeowner or a tenant? Either way,  you need to take care of your home to maintain your lifestyle and to avoid unpleasant surprises when you less expect them. Remember, just keep on top of things with regular home maintenance.

A home maintenance schedule is as important as your annual health checks because being proactive would make your life easier. Continuing to check on your appliances, heating, plumbing, services, exterior and electrics would save you money and keep your home at best.

We are pleased to bring you our ultimate home maintenance checklist to help you schedule your regular updates, repairs and cleaning tasks.

If you do not feel comfortable to carry out this tasks by yourself, always opt for a professional. Here, is our monthly essential tasks to keep in your diary:

  • test your smoke alarms and CO detectors
  • check boiler pressure
  • check water softener and replenish as necessary
  • check indoor and outdoor air vents are not blocked
  • inspect electrical cords for wear and tear
  • remove any debris from your tub and sinks

Probably is the last thing you want to think about when the sun is up and the weather warms up, but if you address these items at the beginning of the season you will avoid any unpleasantly.

  • clean your patios/decking along with garden furniture
  • repair and paint any external woodwork including fences, fascias, window frames or doors
  • if necessary, re-pointing should be done in warmer months
  • trim any climbing plants to avoid overgrowth across windows and guttering
  • get your boiler serviced
  • clean your kitchen fan extractor
  • prune trees and shrubs to avoid overgrowth and potential damage to outside buildings or fences
  • if necessary, re-seal tile grout

This is perfect season to prepare yourself for the winter by checking the following items on our ultimate autumn home maintenance checklist:

  • drain your heaters to remove any sediments and to make sure their working effectively
  • if applies, get your chimney swept
  • if you have a flat roof check if are any damage and any sitting water
  • check and clean your gutter 
  • check your drainage holes to make sure are no obstructions or if you are not sure hire a professional to carry out a drainage inspection
  • keep at least 150mm clearance between your damp proof course and ground
  • clear and debris or leaves which gathered against your external walls to avoid the risk of damp
  • check and apply insulation to any external pipes, such as boiler condensation pipeline to prevent them freezing and bursting over winter
  •  mend any gaps and cracks within your driveway or walkway 
  • inspect any roofing for missing, loose or damaged shingles or for any signs of leaks
  • check and replace any security lights along with any locks for your outbuildings or sheds
  • clean and store away your garden furniture

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  • check your roof, if possible from across the street or the bottom of the garden for slipped tiles after windy weather.
  • clean leaves and debris from the garden and trim trees to avoid loose or dead branches coming down in strong winds
  • double check if the fan extractors are working as it should and try to open your windows as often as possible to avoid condensation and excessive humidity to build up
  • check basements for leaks or water accumulation
  • if necessary, vacuum refrigerator and freezer coils to improve the heat exchange
  • re-check your roof for any damage and moss growth
  • re-inspect any drainage or gutter to ensure no moss have been chuck down during the winter 
  • check your exterior paint or render to make sure no cracks or movement occurred during the freezing days
  • check and clear your air bricks to avoid the risk of dampness and to ensure that air circulates properly
  • check your loft space for any damage or condensation. 
  • consider adjusting your heating schedule and avoid unnecessary bills

We hope that our checklist will keep you on top of most common maintenance jobs within your home throughout any season. And remember, if you are not sure or comfortable doing some of these tasks, hire a professional or ask for a second opinion.

Written by Danil P.
16th Aug 2020 (Last updated on 24th May 2023)
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