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Are you moving to Winchester, Hampshire and you want to know what this amazing area can offer? What is like to live in the Winchester area? Are you interested in local heritage? Are you looking for most affordable areas to live within Winchester area? Than Our Winchester Area Guide is where you will find the answers to these questions and more.

Winchester is located in the county of Hampshire, at the edge of South Downs National Park, between Eastleigh and Basingstoke (on M3 corridor). Is most known for its historical buildings and their importance throughout England’s history. Is the home to one of the largest cathedrals in Europe and the burying grounds for Jane Austen, the medieval Winchester Cathedral.

Winchester area has around 125,000 residents and is only 1.5 hours away from London via car or 1 hour via train.  Is considered a relatively low crime area and one of the most expensive cities in the United Kingdom.

There are some pictueresque areas within Winchester and are considered as one of the best areas to live:

  • Kings Worthy  – Is a a little village with a wide range of character dwellings, from semi-detached houses, to terraced houses and even block of flats. Here, you will find the Worhies Sports and Worthy Social Club, a number of chic bars and restaurants, but also a number of good, respectively very good schools, such as Kings Worthy Primary Schoold and Prince’s Mead Independent School.
winchester area guide showing kings worthy village church
  • Fulflood – is a weel desired area for professionals and commuters as it has great connections to London via train – is close to a railway station. Here you will have quite a lot of options in terms of parks, green spaces, perfect for dog walks and picnics. Also, the area offers good entertainment venues, local theatres, pubs hosting comedy shows and jazz concerts. 
Winchester Area guide showing St Cross Hospital
  • St. Cross – One of the most picturesque parts of Winchester. Here you will find typical Tudor style house sitting next to a contemporary sleek 2 storey house. Area resides next to a peaceful water meadows offering scenic walks into the town. A lot of bars, restaurants, pubs can be found here – suiting any social needs. An important landmark for the area is Hospital of St. Cross, Winchester (seen above). However, is worth mentioning that the average house price for this district can be quite high, approx. £ 650,000.

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Average Property Prices in Winchester area
As per one of Zoopla’s reports, the average property price in Winchester, from more than 400 sales over the last 12 months is £571,750; with the following breakdown by property type:

– Detached house: £800,850
– Semi-detached house: £492,150
– Terraced house: £461,700
– Flat: £273,000

Normally, we would have our guide splitted in two sections, by now: Most affordable areas in Winchester and Most expensive areas in Winchester. However, at this point, we think we need to mention that according to a Halifax study, Winchester has become the United Kingdom’s least affordable city which means would not be a question of most expensive or most affordable, is more like, are any affordable areas?

A home in this Hampshire city will cost more than 14 times the average earnings, making it the most expensive city within UK in terms of house prices. To give some perspective, London feel outside the top five least affordable cities for the first time in six years, an average house price within Greater Londong being now £564, 695. 

At the other end, seven cities saw housing affordability improve in last year: Portsmouth, Oxford, Carlisle, Durham, Salford, Inverness and Glasgow.

winchester area guide showing winchester city museum at entrace of cathedral

Winchester is considered as one of the most iconic cities in the Hampshire, with plenty to do and to visit. Here you will find anything from important landmarks, such as one of the biggest cathedrals in Europe – Winchester Cathedral, to peaceful greenery such as the South Downs National Park (is at the edge of Winchester area).

According to ONS, Winchester came out as one of the happiest cities in England, with a happiness index rating of 104. The statistics, say that the average life expectancy of a Winchester resident is 83 years old and the average salary of a Winchester worker is higher than £35,000. Both metrics are direct influencing the happiness index rating.

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