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Are you moving to Southampton area? Would you like to know what are Southampton area codes and which are considered as “the best to live in”? Then our Southampton Area Guide is the way to start. Southampton area possess a vibrant life with plenty of attractions and things to do.  Also, offers job opportunities, a wide range of well rated schools, as well as the rural life advantages, with an abundance of green space and quieter zones. 

Southampton is a diverse city with a rich history and a warming vibe where you will find plenty to do. Southampton is a port city and the port has been operational since 1066. Once of the most famous ships set off from here, and yes we are talking about the Titanic. With an ongoing city of culture bid for 2025 locals are confident on gaining this status.

Southampton is divided into different areas, each with it own attractions, appealing to various audiences. The best areas to live in Southampton are:

a. Netley – on south-east of Southampton, Netley is a historic village which is sought after by house hunters thanks to its old buildings, attractive shingle beach and strong community feel.

The old center of the village retains a quaint, charming feel with rows of colorful terraced houses and traditional shops. As for commuters, there’s a railway station in Netley with hourly services to both Portsmouth and Southampton – the average train journey to Southampton takes 18 minutes, with trains to Portsmouth taking around 45 minutes. 

b. West End –  is a charming village situated roughly 5 miles east of Southampton. Here, you will find listed buildings, such as ornate Victorian buildings  which are making the character of the high street. 

c. Ocean Village –  was considered the home of  first working docks in Southampton area.  Since then, the Ocean Village area has undergone multiple changes, with the latest redevelopment taking place in the last couple of decades.

Now is considered one of the best areas to live in Southampton due to its residential, business and leisure offering. Here, you will find a nice marina with great local chic cafe’s and bars.

Also, there are plenty of opportunities for work and play here, with a cinema and restaurants on your doorstep, and a variety of houses and flats to choose from, making this a popular choice for both families and young couples looking to buy a house in a thriving area. 

Southampton Area guide showing Ocean Village

d. Bassett – is  one of the largest residential area to the north of Southampton city center. Is a popular area for students thanks to the University of Southampton’s Glen Eyre residence complex (hosting more than 2,000 students).

It’s also preferred by families, due to the area’s proximity to open spaces – between Southampton Common, to the south, and Southampton Sports Centre to the north, which is a 150-acre site with facilities for football, cricket, hockey and netball. Also, here, you will find two golf courses, with 9-holes, receptively  18-holes, at Southampton Golf Course. 

e.  Swaythling – is a quiet residential suburb of Southampton, which is popular with students due to the area’s proximity to the University of Southampton’s main campus at Highfield.

Also, is a area desired by professionals and new families due to easy access to the M27 motorway, and Southampton Airport, which offers both domestic and international flights.

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Average Property Prices in Southampton
In March 2021,  as per one of Zoopla’s reports, the average property price in Southampton over the last 12 months was £307,461, with the following breakdown by property type:

– Detached house: £466,917
– Semi-detached house: £338,799
– Terraced house: £295,034
– Flat: £230,838

Brockenhurst (SO42) is located 13 miles south west of Southampton and is the largest village within the New Forest, with just over 3,000 residents. It’s a highly sought-after place to live, thanks to its charming countryside location, variety of quaint shops and cafes, and good schools. 

Has also, good commuting links, with trains to Southampton taking just 12 minutes, whilst trains to London taking around 75 to 90 mintues. The average price of property in this area is ~£951,000 which is £630,000 above average for Southampton.

Stockbridge (SO20) is another desirable location, situated just over 24 miles from Southampton, this tiny town has just under 600 residents and is set in the heart of the Test Valley. Surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, Stockbridge is the perfect town for nature lovers, and it’s the home of the oldest fishing club in England. House prices here average £510,400.

The SO19 postcode district, with towns such as Sholing, Thornhill, Woolston, Weston, of Southampton is the city’s cheapest area, with house prices averaging £246,000. All of these areas are located on the outskirts of the city, offering a quieter pace of life whilst still conveniently close to the city centre.

SO14 covers much of central Southampton, including the city centre, St Mary’s, Newton, Nicholstown, Ocean Village, Chapel, Eastern Docks and Bevois Valley. All of these areas are well-connected, with the best of the city right on your doorstep. However, city centre living is cheaper than you’d expect, with house prices coming in at roughly £273,600.

The SO18 postcode district is another of Southampton’s cheapest areas, with house prices averaging £263,000. This overs the residential suburbs of Bitterne and Bitterne Park, as well as Harefield, and Townhill Park, where the majority of properties for sale are flats. Chartwell Green and Southampton Airport are also within this postal district.

Short answer, would be yes, especially if you are a student or a young family.  Southampton offers a great student life, new facilities, vibrant place to live, with arts, music, entertainment, sports, and green areas to relax in. It is a coastal town with great park and beautiful areas to visit, alongside excellent social amenities.

Southampton area is considered to be one of the quickest growing economies in the UK and presents more opportunities for those looking to move into or already living in the city, alongside attractive opportunities for those looking to invest in retail, construction and as a new homeowner.

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