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Why use trustedsurveyors.org.uk to find a Chartered Building Surveyor?

Listed Building Surveys are a specialised field which will require specific knowledge and (usually) a listed property surveyor will be a member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC).

A building may be listed for a number of reasons and once they are listed a level of protection will be applied to them for future modifications or repairs. Historic England sets that any building erected before 1840 and being a reasonable condition should be listed.

However, there are cases when even newer buildings have been listed due to its significance to the local community and landscape. Listed buildings are splitted in two categories, by the way they should be treated and maintained: Grade I and Grade II.

Most of listed buildings will be Grade II buildings – more exactly, 92% of any historic buildings are recorded as Grade II. In most cases, a specialist surveyor will be required to carry a historic building survey in order to provide a detailed and accurate report which will explain what types of bricks, mortars, roofing or timber have been used and how to repair and maintain the property.

Why is a Historic Building Survey different?

Getting a specialised surveyor in listed buildings will allow you to understand the individual nuances of dealing with these types of properties and more importantly will help you decide if that specific Grade I or II building is suitable for your requirements and circumstances.

The surveyor will basically undertake a Full Structural Survey (Building Survey) to assess the condition of the property. Due to his specific knowledge, he will be able to present you a better understanding of the issues and to offer recommendations based on the grade of the listed building and any associated law requirements.

Why Should You Opt for a Specialist Surveyor?

Getting a specialist building survey for listed properties will offer a series of advantages compared to other types of surveys. The primary reason for getting a listed building surveyor is that it will help you align with the requirements expected of you when becoming the legal owner of this type of property.

Also, having a specialist hired, you will be able to take advantage of his knowledge and experience by asking any questions focused on your desired listed building and the situation it’s in. A listed building surveyor will offer useful insights about any previous alterations and if these have had Listed Building Consent.

In case the permission has not been approved, the surveyor should be able to provide evidence in order for you to negotiate the case and potentially avoid any penalties or fines.

Another advantage of hiring a professional specialised in listed building in England (or any part of the United Kingdom to be fair) is that they will be able to provide you with recommendations on the best approach for any future changes to the property you may be considering.

At last but not least, a specialised surveyor in listed buildings will be able to advise and guide the process required when applying for Listed Building Consent, including the Heritage Statement preparation.

Is the Historic Building Survey report similar to a Building Survey report?

Technically, the report will be based on a Building Survey structure. So, it will be really similar – having a traffic light rating system indicating the gravity and importance of any issue. (from 1 to 3 – from no repairs or concerns to need urgent repairs or urgently replacement).

The surveyor will assess a wide range of items within property and around, such as: roof, walls, garden, presence of hazardous materials, damp, central heating system, plumbing, pest, door and windows, loft and more;

A description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws, such as failure of damp proofing, insulation, drainage, timber rot or active woodworm will be also included along with any advice for remedial work withing the law requirement.

How much does a Listed Building Survey cost?

A Listed Building Survey will cost between £700 to £1,000 (excl VAT) on average for a 3 bedroom listed property. As for any survey, the costs depend on property size, location, complexity and condition.

We would recommend shopping around and getting free estimates from at least 3 surveyors. We can help you with that, by just simply filling our quote request form and we will provide you with no obligation, free surveyors quote.


How long will it take a surveyor to carry a Historic Building Survey ?

As we mentioned before, a Listed Building Survey is really similar to a Building Survey which can take from 3 to 4 hours up to 8 hours depending on the size, condition and complexity of the property in question.

During the inspection, the chartered surveyor will visit the property and assess and analyse the structure of the buildings, what materials are made of and its history. The surveyor will inspect every aspect within the building and outside of it, from the roofing to the foundations.

Also, the surveyor will focus on any alterations or repairs carried by previous owners because it is important to understand how and what evidence exists before you become the legal owner of it – you will be fully responsible for building well-being.

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