How Much a Survey Cost in 2023?

On average in United Kingdom, a house survey costs betwenn £350 to £1000+ depending on the type of survey, the value and the size of the property and location. A survey is important for your buying process because gives you the opportunity to known the house condition before is too late.

Before getting into surveys prices, first is important to understand why you should get one before is too late. Do you have to get a home surveys as a legal requirement if you are the buyer? No, but is advisable to get one before you move to exchanging contracts.

When you plan your house buying budget, you should always think about getting a surveyor in, before is too late. This way you will avoid potential unforeseen expenses. 

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, homebuyers spend an average of £5,750 on property repairs, due to the property purchaser not initially identifying property defects or understanding the true market value.

A RICS valuation can cost, on average, £300 for an average size property in the UK.  As any service, is dependable on property location, size and complexity of the building.

valuation survey is not a property survey which means would not highlight any defects or damages and is usually used to establish the value of the property.

As before, depending on property size, location and complexity of the building, a condition survey could start from £350. 

The condition report is the most basic RICS survey and is, therefore, the cheapest. This survey will grade the various elements of the property with a condition rating of either 1, 2 or 3, and will only state if the house needs any urgent repairs.

In 2023, a RICS HomeBuyers survey costs £550, though you may pay between £425 and £1000+. The true cost will vary depending on the size, complexity and location of your home.

HBR is suited for most modern types of properties in a relatively good condition. Compared to building survey is less detailed, but definitely is more comprehensive than the condition report.

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A building survey or known as full structural survey, on average, for a 3 bedroom house valued between £250,000 and £300,000 would cost around £800.

As a summary, a building survey is suited for older or listed buildings, for poor condition properties or made from unusual materials. Is the most detailed survey you can get and is also recommended if the property had or is plan to have an extension or renovation work carried out.

Your survey costs will be mainly based on the value of the property and complexity, so the more expensive and bigger the property is, the higher surveyor fees you’ll face. Here is a breakdown of potential survey costs:


Survey  (3 Bedroom House )       Cost     
Condition Report (Level 1 Survey)£350+
HomeBuyer Report (Level 2 Survey)£550+
Building Survey (Level 3 Survey)£800+


When you look for a surveyor, you should always look for an RICS registered surveyor and normally your mortgage lender or estate agent would recommend one. Of course, in some cases, they will use the ones for which will get a commission or a lead percentage.

So, you should always keep in mind that maybe some incentives are behind the recommendation, but either way, always check their reviews and if are local. 

We champion the independent local chartered surveyors because they will bring the local knowledge and their competitive prices while keeping a high standard throughout. 

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12th Apr 2021 (Last updated on 13th Jan 2023)
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